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Η PIPERARIS SECURITY παρέχει στον χρήστη την δυνατότητα παραγγελίας των προϊόντων, που είναι διαθέσιμα, μέσω του ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος και παραλαβής των προϊόντων από το κατάστημα διατηρεί η PIPERARIS SECURITYσε όλη την Κύπρο. Ειδικότερα, ο πελάτης δύναται να επιλέξει μέσω του ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος το/τα προϊόν/ντα που αυτός επιθυμεί.

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1. This invoice (hereinbelow: THE INVOICE) is issued following the conclusion of an agreement between M.T. PIPERARIS TRADING LTD (hereinbelow: THE FIRST PARTY ) and the customer (hereinbelow: THE SECOND PARTY) whose name is devoted overleaf under the title: "CUSTOMER" for the purchase of the goods and the supply of services stipulated overleaf in consideration of the total monetary amount stipulated overleaf. The date of conclusion of this agreement is the date of the invoice unless the invoice was preceded by an order in writing, signed by the parties, for the goods and/or services and/or for goods and/or services of this invoice, in which event the date of the order shall constitute the date of conclusion of the agreement. Upon issue and acceptance if the invoice the SECOND PARTY is liable to full and immediate payment of the total amount stipulated overleaf.

2. The SECOND PARTY declares that before acceptance of the INVOICE and/or acceptance of delivery of the goods and/or services of THE INVOICE he/she has inspected the goods and/or services and has found them to his/her liking and/or in perfect condition.

3. Everything printed or inscribed overleaf constitutes an inseparable part of the agreement.

4. When the INVOICE is not preceded by an offer, as mentioned hereinabove the conclusion of the agreement occurs with the acceptance of the INVOICE by the SECOND PARTY. Acceptance of delivery, with/or without signing of a waybill, of the goods and/or services charged on THE INVOICE shall be deemed to constitute constructive acceptance of THE INVOICE.

5. The FIRST PARTY is the Vendor of the goods sold and/or the supplier of the services and not their manufacturer.

6. The SECOND PARTY upon acceptance of THE INVOICE shall be liable to pay the value thereof and the FIRST PARTY shall have the right to demand immediate payment. Failure to effect due payment of the value of the INVOICE or part thereof shall cause any sum due to bear interest at the annual rate of 9%,

7. Any sum payable as per the invoice shall bear value added tax (V.A.T.) at the rate determined by law at the day the invoice is issued.

8. The FIRST PARTY shall deliver the goods at the place indicated overleaf and/or on the order, according to the information given by the SECOND PARTY provided that the SECOND PARTY facilitates the access of the FIRST PARTY to the aforementioned place during the time required in order for the FIRST PARTY to be able to complete delivery of the goods and/or to supply the agreed served. The FIRST PARTY shall bear no responsibility for any delay that may be caused by reasons relating to the manufacturer or supplier of the products or the SECOND PARTY or the condition and/or state of the place indicated overleaf for delivery of the goods and/or provision of the services or the stage of the completion of the building where the SECOND PARTY wishes the goods to be installed or the stage of other works done or to be done by third parties or by force majeure. In the event of any subsequent amendment of the agreement and/or of the order and/or of the INVOICE, the date of delivery shall be accordingly postponed.

9. The SECOND PARTY is responsible to make available the substructure needed (indicatively and non-exhaustively: telephone lines, electricity supply, network connections, ducts, walls etc in order that the provision of the agreed services be feasible. Failure to make available the appropriate substructure shall be deemed a failure to comply with the terms of the agreement on behalf of the SECOND PARTY and the relevant clauses hereinbelow shall apply.

10. The SECOND PARTY shall not have the right to demand a modification or cancellation of THE INVOICE and shall at all times remain liable to pay the purchase price for the purchase of goods and/or the price for the provision of the services.. Nonetheless, in the event that the FIRST PARTY chooses to accept that the INVOICE be modified and/or cancelled, the FIRST PARTY shall have the right to withhold 60% of the value of the INVOICE as agreed damages for the loss incurred due to the said modification cancellation and/or as consideration for the acceptance by the SECOND PARTY of the cancellation of the INVOICE and/or of the order. In the event that for any reason whatsoever the 100% of the value of the INVOICE has not been received or a smaller amount than 60% of the value of the order has been received, the FIRST PARTY shall have the right to demand from the SECOND PARTY an amount equal to the 60% of the purchase price and to keep any amount it may have received as payment and shall have a claim against the SECOND PARTY for the remainder as agreed damages. This term shall not limit the FIRST PARTY’S right to prove before any court a greater damage and seek further compensation.

11. Returns of goods after delivery shall not be accepted.

12. The FIRST PARTY shall remain the owner of the goods until full and final settlement of the purchase price.

13. The FIRST PARTY does not grant to the SECOND PARTY any warranty of quality or lack of defect to the goods additionally to any warranty that may be granted by the manufacturer of the goods. The FIRST PARTY has brought the terms of the warranty granted by the manufacturer to the attention of the SECOND PARTY as well as the fact that the FIRST PARTY shall bear no responsibility for any failure of the manufacturer to comply with its terms and the SECOND PARTY hereby accepts and declares that it agrees with this disclaimer of responsibility on behalf of the FIRST PARTY.

14. The FIRST PARTY does not grant any warranty of quality, state or good working condition of the goods beyond that supplied by the manufacturer. The FIRST PARTY reserves the right, even when such an exemption is not included in the manufacturer’s warranty, when in force, to refuse to repair destroyed goods or goods that have been repaired by third parties and/or the SECOND PARTY. The FIRST PARTY has the right to repair and/or install the goods and/or part thereof at its absolute discretion and has the right to charge or not the SECOND PARTY according to the cause of faultiness or defect of the product at its absolute discretion. Furthermore, the FIRST PARTY reserves the right to charge for dispatch and traveling expenses.

15. The FIRST PARTY, provided that the conditions set by the manufacturer of the goods are fulfilled shall accept to take in for repair any goods that may be proven to be faulty, in consultation with the manufacturer and in accordance with the terms imposed by the warranty granted by the manufacturer.

16. The FIRST PARTY does not warrant to the SECOND PARTY that after delivery and/or installation the goods ordered shall serve their purpose.

17. The FIRST PARTY shall not bear any responsibility for injury to or loss of life of the SECOND PARTY or a member of his/her family or any third party, which shall not be directly caused by negligence of the FIRST PARTY and/or that shall be caused (no-exhaustively) by negligence of the manufacturer and/or the dealer of the goods and/or any user thereof and/or non appropriate and/or negligent and/or non usual use of the goods and/or non compliance with the instructions of use and or maintenance of the goods.

18. The FIRST PARTY shall bear no responsibility for any amount of money the SECOND PARTY may be ordered to pay, to any third party, by any court of law and/or board of arbitrators due to malicious and/or unusual and/or (non-exhaustively) spying or other unlawful use of the goods.

19. The SECOND PARTY accepts this INVOICE enters this agreement personally and not on behalf of or as a representative of any other person either natural or legal.

20. Liability of the FIRST PARTY for negligence in relation to the goods, their installation, if such is agreed and the services that may be supplied to the SECOND PARTY, as well as for any instruction that may be given to the SECOND PARTY in relation to specific goods and/or services it purchases is limited to the amount of €1200.

21. The present document contains the entire understanding between the parties.

22. By accepting this INVOICE and entering this agreement it is presumed that the SECOND PARTY expressly consents that the FIRST PARTY shall use personal information of the SECOND PARTY for the purpose of carrying out this agreement as well as for communicating with the SECOND PARTY.

23. Breach of any term by any party to the agreement or inability to perform any part of the agreement shall cause the agreement to become voidable and the party in breach liable to pay damages to the innocent party. Moreover and without prejudice to its right to claims damages in the event of lack of due and full payment of the value of THE INVOICE and/or of the goods and/or services, THE FIRST PARTY shall have the right to repossess the goods of the INVOICE.

24. Any acquiescence or failure to demand strict performance of any obligation of the SECOND PARTY under this INVOICE and/or agreement shall not be deemed to create a precedent and/or estoppel and shall no be deemed to affect or restrict the FIRST PARTY'S right in any way.

25. The official agreement is contained in the Greek text. The English text exists for translation purposes only. In case of difference or deviation between the greek version is the one that is valid.